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Australia photos


Let our photos show you Australia's spectacular, rainforests, deserts, mountains, plains, flora, fauna. See and learn about Australia's ancient aboriginal culture that exists alongside some of the world's most modern and iconic cities.

Australia is an island continent surrounded by thousands of smaller islands ranging in size from Tasmania (about the size of Ireland) to tiny coral cays. In the Great Barrier Reef alone there are over 900 tropical islands. The main continent is similar in size to the USA mainland or Europe so there is plenty to see. Situated below Asia, Australia is like nowhere else on Earth and the animal life is so exotic, it seems almost alien.

View our collection of photos and see both modern and ancient Australia as you have never seen it before.

Australian Cities

Australian Cities photos

Australian Towns & Settlements

Australian Towns photos

Australian Coastline & Beaches

Australian Coastlines and Beaches photos

Australian Landscapes

australia Landscapes photos

Australian Outback

Australian Outback photos

Rural Australia

Rural Australia photos

Australian Waterfalls

Australian Waterfalls photos

Australian Forests & Plants

Australian Forest and Plants photos

Australian Animals

Australian Animals and Insects photos

Australian Birds

Australian Birds photos

Australian Insects

Australian Insects photos

Australian Culture and People

Australian Cultiure and People photos


Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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