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Tonga photos


See Tonga through our photos. This collection of three island groups deep in the South Pacific Ocean are truly off the beaten track. Sitting north of New Zealand and east of Australia. these islands have a preserved Polynesian culture that exists on islands with stunning natural features. Travellers come to see the many idyllic beaches and small coral cays. Under the surrounding warm clear water lie coral gardens and a myriad of colourful fish species making Tonga an ideal diving destination. These islands are also famous for whale watching as the main whale migration route passes through here.

View our unique collection of photos and see places that very few travellers will ever see.

Tongan Towns & Settlements

Tongan Towns & Settlements photos

Tongan Coastlines

Tongan Coastline photos

Tongan Landscapes

Tongan Landscapes photos

Tongan Flora

Tongan Flora photos

Tongan Fauna

Tongan Fauna photos

Rural Tonga

Rural Tonga photos

Tongan Culture

Tongan Culture photos


Tongan People photos


Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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