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Noumea - photos

La Fol Hill Vew photo
Downtown Noumea photo
Noumea City & Harbour photo
Noumea Street photo
St Josephs photo
Place Feuillet photo
Place Feuillet photo
Noumea Suburbia photo
Place de Cocotiers photo
Noumea Street photo
Place Courbet photo
Place de Cocotiers photo
Noumea Harbour photo
La Fol Hill photo
Noumea CBD photo
Noumea Port photo
Noumea Harbour photo
Noumea Harbour photo
Noumea Harbour photo
Baie des Citrons photos

About Noumea

The biggest city in New Caledonia is Nouméa. It is located on Grand Terre, the main island of the archipelago. The city is the capital and has a mix of people including European, Asian, Polynesian, and Kanaks. The latter being the native people of New Caledonia.

British trader, James Paddon was the first person to setup a settlement in Noumea in 1851. France established the settlement a few years later to gain control of the island, At first the area was used as a penal colony by the French and later as a place to support and service nearby gold and nickel mines.

The settlement has changed substantially but still bears the marks of its past. Today Noumea is known as a garden city, where nature and urbanisation blend together. Old colonial homes line the streets of this boutique South Pacific city. Shops and cafes have French flair and beaches are a stones throw away.

More Photos

La Fol Hill photo
La Fol Hill photo
Noumea Suburbia photo
Noumea Centre photo


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