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East Cape Beaches - photos

Wainui Bay photo
Tokomaru Bay photo
Tokomaru Bay photo
Wainui Bay photo
Tokomaru Bay photo
Eastern Cape photo
Gisborne Beach photo
Wainui Bay photo
Eastern Coastline photo
Tokomaru Bay photo

About East Cape Beaches

Eastland or the East Cape in the North Island is famous for its warm sunny climate and beautiful beaches. Even Gisborne the biggest city has its share of great beaches.

Outside of Gisborne there are many small settlements built around small bays along the eastern shoreline. Notable beaches include such coastal gems as Tokomaru Bay and Tolaga Bay. These beacehs and coastal settlements are linked by the Pacific Coast Highway, a popular road for tourists.

Due to the high population of Maori in Eastland, it is rich in Maori culture and you are never far from carved meeting houses and Maori communities.


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Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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