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Australian Butterflies - photos

Blue Tiger Butterfly photo
Ulysses Butterfly photo
Ulysses Butterfly photo
Orange Lacewing photo
Rock Ringlet photo
Common Crow Butterfly photo
Australian Crow photo
Butterfly photo
Cairns Birdwing photo
Common Eggfly photo
Cruiser Butterfly photo

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About Australian Butterflies

Australia is home to about 416 species of butterfly with most species located in Queensland's north-east rainforests. The Daintree Rainforest in particular is one of the best places in Australia for colourful butterflies.

The rest of Australia has species but much less variety. Tasmania is too cold resulting in only 39 species while South Australia is warm, but too dry, resulting in 64 species. The goldilock zone for butterflies is a wet tropical climate and that is why there over 300 species, with 225 species on Cape York Peninsula alone.

Australian butterflies fall into five main families. They are Skippers (Hesperiidae), Swallow Tails (Papilionidae), Whites and Yellows (Pieridae), Bowns and Nymphs (Nymphalidae), Blues and Coppers (Lycaenidae).


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Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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