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Landscapes in Oceania - photos


Oceania has a variety of pristine landscapes with the some World Heritage areas and spectacular national parks. All this within differing climatic zones from tropical to sub-Antarctic. Notable national parks in Oceania include Kakadu, Purnululu, and Uluru-Kata Tjuta in Australia and Fiordland, Mt Aspiring, and Mount Cook in New Zealand. Much of Oceania is in the Ring of Fire, so there are plenty of volcanoes and thermal wonders, as well as spectacular mountains, particularly in New Zealand and New Guinea. Other features include the biggest desert area outside of the Sahara - the Australian Outback, rainforests as rich as the Amazon - including the Daintree which is the world'soldest and rich temperate rainforests in New Zealand and southern Australia, and the world'smost destructive volcano in the last thirty thousand years - Taupo.

Fiordland National Park - New Zealand

Fiordland photos

Grampians National Park - Australia

The Grampians Australia photos

Eua Island - Tonga

Eua Island photos

Mount Cook National Park - New Zealand

Mt Cook photos

Blue Mountains National Park - Australia

The Blue Mountains photos

Rural Landscapes - Tonga

Rural Tonga photos

Southern Alps - New Zealand

Southern Alps photos

Kosciuszko National Park - Australia

 Kosciuszko National Park photos

Tongatapu Island - Tonga

Tongatapu Island photos

Arthurs Pass National Park - New Zealand

Arthurs National Park

Springbrook National Park - Australia

Springbrook National Park photos

Anahulu Cave - Tonga

Anahulu Cave photos

Westland National Park - New Zealand

Westland photos

Great Otway National Park - Australia

Otway National Park photos

Te Mata Peak - New Zealand

Te Mata Peak photos

Tamborine National Park - Australia

Tamborine National Park photos

Rimutaka Range - New Zealand

Rimutaka Range photos

Daintree National Park - Australia

Daintree National Park photos

Tararua Range - New Zealand

Tararua Range photos

Davies Creek National Park - Australia

Davies Creek National Park photos

More Landscapes - Oceania

Mt Taranaki photos


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  • Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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