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Christchurch - photos

Christchurch City Council photo
Christ's College photo
The Curator's House photo
Christ's College photo
Christchurch Art Gallery photo
Christchurch Casino photo
Christchurch Airport photo
Christchurch Art Gallery photo
Ballantynes photo
Christchurch City Mall photo
Christchurch ReStart photo
Christchurch ReStart photo
Sumner photo
Mt Pleasant photo
Ridgeview Lane photo
Taylors Mistake photo

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About Christchurch

Christchurch in the region of Canterbury is the biggest city in the South Island and the 2nd biggest city in New Zealand. It is a popular destination and a major gateway to the country. Known as the Garden City, Christchurch has huge parks and colourful gardens. Hagley Park the most popular park is 161 hectares and contains the beautiful Botanic Gardens.

Christchurch is reputedly the most English looking city outside of England. It does seem strange when you consider that the city is furtherest of any city in the world from England. The streets are lined with English tree species including poplars and the chestnut. Even the main river, the Avon, which is named after its English counterpart is fringed with Weeping Willows. Read more ››

More Christchurch photos

Christchurch Airport photo
Christchurch Airport photo
Sumner Beach photo
Modern Building photo


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  • Author & photographer: David Johnson (Virtual Oceania)

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